Mike Tucker – Acquiring a Particular Set of Skills – Episode 15

Strength and conditioning coaches are experts at weight room programming, expertly wielding tools like racks, bars and plates to build their athletes. But many coaches may be failing to use their knowledge of athletic performance to help athletes acquire the particular skill set they need to reach their potential within competition.

In this episode, Mike Tucker, strength and conditioning coach for Villanova football, explains how and why he tries to spend more time with his athletes on the field, working drills and exercises that will help them to improve at their in-game craft, for their specific sport and at their individual position.

Three Cycle Strength Episode Rundown: Mike Tucker

Coaching Football at a “Basketball School”: 4:00
Connecting with Athletes in Uncertain Times: 5:26
A Shift Towards Field Work in S&C: 10:27
Relationships First, Considering Position: 13:50
Achieving Honesty and Autonomy: 18:40
Allocating Time, Understanding Limiting Factors: 21:38
An Example of a Split, Emphasizing Quality: 24:53
It Comes Back to Education: 28:17
Strength Stories: 29:59
Tools of the Trade: 32:36
Food for Thought: 34:08
Killer Grams: 37:27

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Audio Podcast: Mike Tucker

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