Leo Totten – Olympic Lifts: The Strength-Coach Multitool – Episode 28

It’s hard to argue any other group of exercises could provide more benefits to athletes than Olympic lifts. An efficient, versatile and proven cornerstone of strength and conditioning, today’s guest breaks down all of the reasons why he considers Olympic lifting a veritable multitool of the athletic performance coach.

Three Cycle Strength Episode Rundown: Leo Totten

In 8th Grade I Weighed 83 lbs: 3:45
Strength Stories: 8:58
Don’t Take Coaching for Granted: 12:01
Broad Benefits of Olympic Lifting: 16:01
Do You Trust Your Info Source?: 23:29
Make Them an Athlete First: 27:00
Break It Down into Simple Terms: 31:00
Tools of the Trade: 35:15
Food for Thought: 40:56
Killer Grams: 42:00

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