Lee Weber – Training Like Cats, Not Dogs – Episode 11

Faster athletes will cover a multitude of other shortcomings in an athletic program. That’s why Lee Weber, the head strength and conditioning and football coach at Rose Hill High School in Kansas, prioritizes training speed in his programming.

Not only does Weber make speed a priority, he has invested some serious time into understanding how to train speed optimally. Heavily influenced by the philosophy of Tony Holler’s “Feed the Cats,” Weber has made huge strides in helping his athletes find another gear on the field, court and track.

Three Cycle Strength Episode Rundown: Lee Weber

Setting Sights on Speed: 4:56
Go Slow to Go Fast: 7:31
Like Cats, Not Dogs: 12:09
Why Not Explain Why: 15:32
Learn More about Feed the Cats: 20:33
Strength Stories: 24:04
Tools of the Trade: 30:27
Food for Thought: 35:21
CSCCa Celebrates 20 Years: 42:05

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Audio Podcast: Lee Weber

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