Chris Nichols – No Excuses Mentality – Episode 6

Chris Nichols, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at the United States Military Academy Preparatory School (USMAPS), opens up about the harsh adversity of being hit by a roadside bomb in Iraq, and how it ultimately made him a better leader and strength coach.

Nichols has never been one to back down from a challenge, but when the former Army fullback was told he may lose his leg, or at best never run or lift again, his positive attitude, grit and tenacity were put to the test. Through it all, he learned a “No Excuses Mentality” that all future Army leaders he trains can benefit from.

Three Cycle Strength Episode Rundown: Chris Nichols

Training Athletes and Soldiers Simultaneously: 3:12
Iron Ducks and Silkies: 5:54
Route Clearance in Iraq – April, 2010: 9:59
The Aftermath of Adversity: 15:30
Transitioning to Civilian Role at USMAPS: 19:16
Lessons Learned and the No Excuses Mentality: 21:40
Showing Athletes How to Keep Moving Forward: 25:54
Life and Death Toughness Put in Context: 29:55
What Army Leadership Really Looks Like: 32:57
Strength Stories: 34:14
Tools of the Trade: 37:28
Food for Thought: 40:45
Killer Grams: 41:56

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Audio Podcast: Chris Nichols


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